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Extraordinary people for unique children

Our dynamic childcare teams are a blend of people with childcare qualifications and others with significant life and childcare experience. Each one brings something unique to the mix while working together with enthusiasm and passion to deliver extraordinary care for every child.

We celebrate and learn from our diverse workforce and we are proud to help and support our incredible people as they develop and progress in their careers.

Our extraordinary people…

on recruitment and accreditation

on encouraging personal mastery

on how we are rewarded and recognised

We offer a welcoming and rewarding work environment and attracts the most committed, energised and engaged people as a result. We feel very lucky to have such loyal and long-standing teams working with us and consider them part of our family.

8 years

the average length of service of My Ohana managers

26 years

the time our longest serving colleague has been with us


of our colleagues were promoted in the last year

Our colleague turnover is


Upside Down Management – it’s very simple!

We turned our management model upside down to remind us who comes first!

We intentionally refer to our workmates as ‘Colleagues’ and our head office team as ‘Central Support’. The Central Support team look after the needs of our Colleagues so that they, in turn, can do their very best for the children they care for, their parents and the My Ohana company.

More about us…

Whether you’re a business exploring childcare or a parent needing childcare, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve been shortlisted for ‘Nursery Group Under 10 Settings’ in the National Day Nursery Awards 2022

Registered Company No: 2841130