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We want everyone, big and small, to feel good about childcare

We nurture happy and resilient children to help them grow into healthy, can-do adults. So you can wave goodbye with confidence, knowing they are in the best possible hands.

We’re ready to set standards and push boundaries to help put great childcare at the heart of your family life and business culture.

Here’s what we value most…

We love family – because when it comes to raising and nurturing children, we’re all in this together. That’s why we work so closely with families and so hard at what we do, with energy, enthusiasm, clear communications and that all-important teamwork approach.

We welcome and encourage individuality. Everyone, big or small, is greeted with a smile and accepted for who they are.

We embrace creativity when it comes to developing our unique, flexible and forward-thinking services and activities. But we are practical when it comes to pricing, because we understand the importance of affordability.

We put children, parents and clients first, so you could say our management model is upside down! At My Ohana, our colleagues share in the decision making and destiny of the business.

We strive to do our best and to get things right, every time. We will never compromise our high standards because we like to be able to sleep well at night!

We celebrate and support each other with the thing that matter. Birthdays. Promotions. Weddings. Hopes and Dreams. We look after the wellbeing of our colleagues. Because if they feel cared for, so will you and your children.

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Whether you’re a business exploring childcare or a parent needing childcare, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve been shortlisted for ‘Nursery Group Under 10 Settings’ in the National Day Nursery Awards 2022

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