Childcare Extraordinaires: Key Attributes of our Qualified and Caring Professionals

There are many components which come together to form our high-quality, supportive, enriching nursery environments.

Published on September 22, 2023

One is the settings themselves; another is the children who join us and their families, and the third is the childcare extraordinaires who we are lucky to have as a part of the My Ohana family.

When we recruit new members of the team to join us, there are a number of attributes and characteristics that we look for. Crucially, we are not always purely on the lookout for those with specific qualifications and experiences – rather, we are just as likely to value experience and passion, life skills, and a genuine interest and enthusiasm for shaping young lives.

In short, it’s the combination and balance of skills, experience, and creativity that make the teams across all of our nurseries so great. Here is a little look at some of the key attributes of the people that make My Ohana possible, and why we value such a broad spectrum of personal and professional qualities.

The attributes we look for in our team

Every individual who joins the My Ohana family brings their own views, opinions, and beliefs to the system. Regardless of role, it is an appreciation for these diverse views and experiences that allows us to instil positive values in our little ones and encourage them to embed themselves in our community.

Alongside the value of a professional reputation and qualifications, we also look for those with specific passions and life experiences to pass on to the children in our care. As a largely action-based nursery, a great deal of our curriculum centres on life skills and on situation-based decisions and understandings. Having team members who have dealt with different roles and experiences is a great way to inspire children and encourage them to see the bigger picture.

It is also important that every extraordinary person who joins us is open-minded to the My Ohana way of doing things. We take a much more fluid approach to every day and enable the children in our care to have a say in what they do and how they spend their time. An ability to recognise the unique value of this child-led curriculum is what makes our team different to others.

The value of personal skills and experiences

Upside down management is something that we take very seriously at My Ohana – for one very clear reason. When our ground workers become a part of key decision-making and planning for how the nursery is run, we put personal experiences and real life skills at the heart of our operational structure.

We encourage team members from across the board to play a part in deciding how our nurseries are managed and run. This use of an upside-down management structure creates balance and respect across the business and makes it easier for team members across the board to have their voices heard.

Beyond that, our extraordinary people are recognised and celebrated both inhouse and by parents and other members of the My Ohana community on a daily basis, and we’re very proud to have them on our team.

Professional qualities that make our nurseries the best of the best

So, what is it about our extraordinary people that makes them the best of the best – and how do we ensure that we always have the finest and most caring childcare experts as part of the My Ohana family?

It’s largely all thanks to how we embrace experienced individuals and pair them with exceptional programs which are constantly evolving to suit the children in our care. Understanding that there is no “one size fits all” structure or routine when it comes to childcare, especially in younger years, our team are always working to diversify the curriculum and keep it moving for children with all needs and abilities.

As a privately owned business, we are proud to be different – and that’s what ensures that we can attract and retain the very best team members. Give us a call to talk directly about what makes a My Ohana nursery different, and to discuss availability across our sites.


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