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Key stats

  • 100% of parents said the Holiday Club helped them meet their work commitments 
  • 100% of parents said they would use the Holiday Club again 
  • 91% average occupancy  
  • 90% of our Holiday Club colleagues were retained year on year

A large corporate client wanted to offer a Holiday Club for their employees’ children during the longer holiday periods. They needed a flexible service that would help their working parents with childcare ‘pinch points’ while improving overall staff productivity, retention and loyalty for the organisation.

The company did not have sufficient space to offer an onsite solution, so we identified a suitable space within a nearby building. They contracted us to set up and run the entire operation as a fully managed service for a fixed annual management fee. The client then made the service available to its user group at a subsidised rate.

Our responsibilities including recruiting and managing the childcare team, planning the Holiday Club’s programme of activities and events, organising and monitoring bookings, managing all of the related accounts (profit & loss) and ensuring that the operation complies with the prevailing Ofsted regulations.

As this is an ongoing arrangement, we agree the service budget with the client each year and identify the fixed and variable costs. This gives the client full transparency of the entire service cost so that they can calculate the subsidy that they are prepared to underwrite. 


  • Secured a suitable facility
  • Registered with Ofsted
  • Produced, managed & ordered a full inventory of equipment required
  • Developed and integrated an online booking system that allows parents to book 24/7
  • Recruited and fully trained the Holiday Club’s childcare team
  • Provided promotional material to be shared via their internal communication streams
  • Ran roadshows enabling parents to meet the team and ask questions, to make sure they would feel comfortable leaving their children in our care

Post Launch

We sent feedback surveys to service users immediately after their bookings, which allowed us to gather instant feedback. 

  • 100% of parents agreed the Holiday Club helped them meet their work commitments
  • 60% of return bookings were made because the child had asked to come back
  • We retained 90% of our Holiday Club team year on year
  • The Holiday Club occupancy increased by 41% between year 1 and 2
  • Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) was 80
  • Our service was rated “Good” by Ofsted
  • In 2021 over 100 families used the club and 100% of them said they would use us again

"Totally Awesome! All the staff were kind, caring and made me feel very safe and happy. My child was not convinced at drop off but the staff clocked this and were absolutely perfect in the way they dealt with him. I cannot fault your staff, they were amazing"


Holiday Club Parent

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