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Key stats

  • We became the sole supplier of childcare for IKEA in the UK and Ireland
  • The average transaction value (ATV) of crèche users was 70% higher than that of non-crèche users 
  • We welcomed more than 230 new employees under a TUPE transfer and had retained 90% of them one year later

IKEA is a multi-national company that sells home furniture and accessories, as well as providing free childcare facilities. My Ohana are proud to manage 23 of the IKEA crèches across the UK and Ireland for children aged 3-12.

IKEA is unique in the UK in that they have been providing their shoppers with free onsite childcare for children aged 3 -12 years for more than 32 years, in crèche facilities known across the chain as Småland (Swedish for ‘small land’). These crèches are open seven days a week, 52 weeks of the year. As well as improving the whole family experience, the retailer has discovered that providing these facilities drives customer engagement, dwell time, usage and basket spend in their stores.

In May 2013 we were awarded the contract to manage 18 of the IKEA crèches across the UK and Ireland. Our brief was to deliver an engaging, customer-focused environment that would enable parents and young children to have the best experience on their visit to IKEA. Over the next three months we moved more than 220 crèche employees into our family under a TUPE transfer, registered the various facilities under our name and conducted full governance audits of each of the operations. 


We launched the new crèche services on 1 September 2013, with every site fully open and operating to our very high standards. We have opened several more IKEA store crèches since then and now operate 23 in total.

During the changeover, we implemented a comprehensive action plan with the IKEA management team that involved:

  • Holding group and one-to-one meetings with the childcare teams across all 18 stores
  • Maintaining ongoing communications with everyone involved through conference calls and circulating our responses to any questions raised
  • Welcoming around 220 new employees into our company through a TUPE transfer 
  • Delivering systematic induction training for all new team members, to get everyone up to speed
  • Updating any policies and practices to ensure they aligned with our standards
  • Developing an online training toolkit to assist with compliance management
  • Running a full governance audit against our own standards and Ofsted requirements
  • Delivering welcome packs to all stores to make every member of the team feel valued and appreciated

Ongoing Success

Key Data

  • Each year, we care for around 370,000 children across the IKEA crèches 
  • The occupancy and usage of the crèches have been steadily increasing year on year
  • The average transactional spend (ATV) of crèche users is 70% higher than that of non-users, proving that the crèche service plays a significant role in increasing the client’s incremental revenue

Since 2013, we have been proactively managing the IKEA UK and Ireland crèche facilities:

  • Produced monthly store reports to help identify where efficiency savings can be made year on year
  • Shared quarterly management information with the IKEA team tracking our performance against KPIs
  • Transitioned an existing IKEA store crèche into our care after our first year of managing the service
  • Worked in consultation with IKEA on the design of new crèche facilities that we would be managing in four more stores, taking our operational total to 23 stores across the UK and Ireland
  • Planned and ran additional activities within the stores (outside of the crèche) to enhance the shopping experience for customers with young children 
  • Developed and implemented a new booking system to streamline the registration process for parents
  • Made history by implementing a dedicated programme for 2 year olds in its crèches – marking the first time that IKEA (worldwide) has had a special offering for under 3s
  • Implemented a standard equipment list for all crèches to enhance the offering to children

"Working with Tinies Daycare (now My Ohana) enables us to give our families a memorable experience, knowing their children are in a safe, fun and controlled environment. From Tinies Daycare winning the contract in September 2013, the transition, mobilisation and ongoing operation have been seamless. A true partner to us."

Donna Moore, Customer Relations Project Manager, IKEA

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