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Key stats

  • 60% of employees on parental leave signed up for a nursery space 
  • 85% of returnees have used the nursery on their Keep In Touch (KIT) days 
  • 100% of users have felt supported in their return to work after their parental leave   

Superdry is a UK branded clothing company with 106 retail stores across the UK.

There are around 700 employees working in the company’s Head Office in Cheltenham, many of whom have young children, so Superdry decided to set up a Workplace Nursery to support them. In 1990 the government introduced the Workplace Nurseries Exemption as a way of encouraging employers to open or run nurseries and reduce the cost of childcare for working parents. This is a more beneficial arrangement than offering a subsidised rate at a local nursery because, under a Workplace Nursery scheme, the cost of the nursery place is exempt from both tax and national insurance contributions. There are terms and conditions around what constitutes a Workplace Nursery, including that the nursery must be wholly or partly financed or managed by the employer and meet the appropriate regulatory requirements (set by Ofsted for nurseries in England). While Superdry had originally considered building a new onsite nursery, they eventually decided that it made financial sense to partner with an established local provider. They subsequently invested in setting up their own Workplace Nursery provision inside our existing nursery in Cheltenham.

Our achievements


  • Superdry partnered with My Ohana (formerly Tinies) to secure an agreed number of nursery spaces in our Cheltenham nursery for parents working in their Head Office
  • Working closely with Superdry’s HR and marketing teams we put together and rolled out a communications plan to explain the Workplace Nursery scheme to the Head Office employees
  • We provide Superdry employees on parental leave with advice on the scheme and enrol their babies/children prior to their return to work
  •  Superdry work closely with us to effectively manage both the spaces and the nursery, as required under the terms and conditions of operating a Workplace Nursery scheme

Return on investment

  • 68% of those on parental leave have signed up for space at the nursery 
  • 85% of those returning used the nursery on their Keep In Touch (KIT) days    
  • Of those signed up, 100% stated they felt supported on their return to work 

"The salary sacrifice scheme was an important factor for us because childcare is really expensive! We know that we’ve saved quite a lot of money over the time that he’s already been there, and going forward we know that we can put that money aside, and that is extra money that is going to help support us in looking after him."

Superdry "Maternity Returner" 2022

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