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Finding a nursery can be daunting, but you’ll feel right at home with us! And knowing that your little one is safe and happy enables you to be your own best self.

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Our extraordinary people are dedicated to delivering My Ohana’s exclusive unique science-based curriculum with a child-led ethos. It’s all part of our mission to provide the very best experiences for your unique child.

Finding and keeping extraordinary people is our superpower. Our playful experts are full of life, love and character. They understand how to nurture – creating wonderful opportunities for children to learn through play and achieve at their own pace. They recognise and celebrate individuality, encouraging inquisitive minds and self-expression. And they embrace your own values and your child’s needs to build a fun and friendly extension of family life. A real home from home, in other words.

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Our Approach

We believe that we can make the biggest difference to a child’s early development by working hand-in-hand with their parents and carers. Together, we can supercharge their future in school, work and the wider world. After all, our early childhood experiences help to shape most of what makes us …well, us!

We promise to work with you in a caring partnership to nourish every aspect of your little one’s wellbeing, encompassing their mind, body and understanding of the world. We call it their wholebeing.

Our Ethos


We nurture can-do characters. Encouraging them to feel free to explore and think for themselves. To share, express and be their best.

Exploratory & Investigation
Expressive Arts
Emotional Literacy


We help build skills for healthy lifestyles, using routine and repetition to form good habits.

Physical Health
Active Play
Personal Space


We guide and inspire little minds to help them understand that there are different people, places and ways to live.

Cultural Diversity
Cultural Capital
The Emerging World

Our mind, body and world are intimately connected and we need to look after a child’s wholebeing for them to be their best.

Our Curriculum…

Inspiring the future

My Ohana has developed its own exclusive science-based curriculum, which is delivered with a child-led ethos.

This curriculum is inspired by the work of some of the greatest minds in education, along with the experience and expertise of our own people and benchmarked against Development Matters and Birth to 5 Matters.

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Balancing act

Our day is planned to provide a personalised activity programme for your children that strikes the right balance between care, rest and play and nurtures the three pillars of their wholebeing – their Mind, Body and World.

We do this by observing how your children are at any time and responding to what we see as their needs and interests. We then enable them to learn by providing an environment that allows them to make choices about what they want to do, either inside or in our outdoor environment.

Enhancing outcomes

All of our nurseries deliver three core enrichment programmes to enhance your children’s learning and experiences, while taking advantage of their particular geographic locations to offer further opportunities for creativity, development and fun.

Our enrichments programmes…


We use a scienced-backed programme to help children build confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

We are all different and understanding a child’s unique characteristics is just as important as focusing on their academic ability – if not more so. An unhappy child will simply not learn, and a child that is misunderstood will have their learning hindered.

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Nursery Library

Reading aloud to a child does far more than develop their language skills. It helps to create strong bonds between the child and the reader while providing the comfort of routine, stimulating discussion and building empathy. It also helps to nurture one of the foundations of self-guided learning – a lifelong love of books and reading.

We appreciate that parents are often time strapped and, while it’s good to be re-reading the old favourites, there’s a lot of value in discovering a new book together. This is why we opened our own libraries, to encourage children to choose books that they can share with you at home

Outdoor Learning

There’s no better way to get a deep understanding of the natural world than to be physically in it. The best way to experience a woodpecker is by hearing it sing. Wriggling tadpoles must be seen! Mud needs to be felt.

All of our nurseries provide your children with the chance to immerse themselves in nature at least once a week. As they grow into pre-schoolers, these little explorers will also be able to enjoy outdoor classes, which allow them to delve deeper into the great outdoors.

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We bring together strong, self-motivated teams by employing or transferring over extraordinary people, and keeping them!

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We’ve been shortlisted for ‘Nursery Group Under 10 Settings’ in the National Day Nursery Awards 2022

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