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Put great childcare at the heart of your business culture

Whether you want fully managed childcare services or help with setting up your own nursery, our workplace services are simple, affordable and transparent.

Managed Service

We deliver childcare on your behalf

We do it all

We can take care of every aspect, from start to finish. Advising on designing a child-friendly environment, recruiting and training a team and delivering great childcare under our own name or your corporate brand.

We carry the risk

Childcare is registered in our name, we employ the people and insurance is held by us. In other words, we take all the risk. So you get to offer a brilliant service and experience for your working parents, members or customers without having to get involved in running it.

We adapt to change

As your needs change over time, we’ll adapt the service to meet them. This could include accommodating more children, staying open later or working out a new service model to sustain or enhance your childcare related income.

We prioritise customer satisfaction

We’re only satisfied when your customers are happy. So we regularly invite and measure feedback from your user groups and stakeholders to ensure we are delivering on your goals.

We make it affordable

We charge a fixed management fee so that you can set your budgets with confidence, knowing there will be no surprises further down the line. It’s all part of our commitment to making great childcare affordable.

Set up a nursery

We help you deliver your own childcare

We find your people

Great childcare is about finding the best people for the job. We can help by recruiting standout individuals or a full team along with full or partial onboarding services.

We draft your policies

We supply the policy documents you need to adopt as your own, to save you time and money. And because we are always on top of any legislative changes, you can be confident that you are complying with the latest regulations.

We give you peace of mind

There is a lot to know about delivering safe childcare. Our Supported Service gives you the ongoing benefit of our experience, up-to-date policies, compliance and governance advice for complete reassurance.

We deliver training

We offer cost-effective training services for every member of your childcare team, from recruitment training to induction sessions and operational policy training. We’ll even organise hands-on training sessions. Whatever it takes to maintain their ongoing professional development.

We make it affordable

You can pay for our Supported Service on a pay-as-you-go basis or through a monthly retainer. Whichever works best for your business and your budget.

We help you to grow

We’ll use the knowledge we have gained from working with multiple organisations to give you evidence-based advice on how to grow your client base and service offering.

Workplace Nurseries

Nurseries provide permanent childcare on a full or part time basis, giving parents reliable and structured childcare. We operate nurseries for businesses to support their employees at the workplace, or in a nearby nursery, and many of our nurseries are also open to the local community too.

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Crèches are extremely flexible, offering parents access to childcare for short periods of time. We operate several crèches on behalf of businesses that want to support their employees, members or customers by providing for more ‘ad hoc’ childcare needs.

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Holiday Clubs

School holidays put great pressure on working parents and, as a result, the companies they work for. We offer a Holiday Club service for businesses that want to support their working families by offering a fun-based activity programme for their school-age children.

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Your childcare extraordinaires

We’d love to help you succeed too by putting great childcare at the heart of your workplace culture.

Our name may have changed in 2022 (from Tinies Daycare to My Ohana) but nothing else has. We are still just as committed to doing our best and getting it right.

In a single year we cared for more than 388,000 children across our various settings and services, and we still hold long-standing contracts with a long list of successful global operators and independent businesses.

We’d love to help you succeed too by putting great childcare at the heart of your workplace culture.

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