A Day In The Life at Nursery: Caring for a Child’s ‘Wholebeing’

Here at My Ohana, nursery represents an opportunity for little ones to learn and develop both in their education and themselves.

Published on July 24, 2023

With a broad selection of activities on offer, bridging socialisation with independent development, and play with education and learning, every day is different and exciting!

What happens in a day nursery?

Did you know that parents who wish to gain a more comprehensive insight into their child’s day and routine can do so via the ParentZone app? This amazing app is updated with your child’s experiences and interactions throughout the day. In addition, termly 1:1 sessions are available with key workers to discuss specific concerns or behaviours – plus parents are invited to pop in and chat with us whenever they like!

As part of the settling process, children are eased into the concept of the nursery routine gradually, helping them to feel adjusted and supported throughout the day. The aim of these settling-in sessions is to establish trust between each child and their key person, helping both them and you feel confident in their ability to thrive within the nursery setting. We also want to ensure that the transition from home to nursery is as stress-free and smooth as possible, which is why these sessions are so essential.

Once they have settled, the average day at nursery is essentially packed full of adventure and activity for our children! We believe that to really have a positive impact on children’s lives from a young age, we need to tap into their ‘wholebeing’ – that is their mind, body, and the world around them. That’s why every day at our nursery combines exploratory and expressive activities with physical play and discussion about the world our little ones are discovering.

Just some of the areas we seek to introduce through nursery include diversity, culture, how to think creatively, problem-solving, and the importance of physical activity.

Will my child learn a lot at nursery?

Here at My Ohana, we are great believers in the importance of both traditional learning and life skills development. Nursery presents an opportunity for children to be introduced to crucial concepts that will enable them to build and develop strong connections and establish core interests when they reach school age and beyond. That’s why as part of the nursery routine, we constantly find new ways to enrich their day with new opportunities for learning, communication, creative thinking, and teamwork.

Meal time is an important part of a child’s day, and at My Ohana we like to make sure it is an exciting one, too! The children are encouraged to make their own choices, preparing their own snacks such as fruit and independently selecting and pouring drinks. We love to make mealtime a collaborative time too, ensuring our little ones get to eat with their peers and enjoy each other’s company. 

Other areas of education and development that we focus on include:

·        myHappymind – an emotional and confidence-boosting program which encourages self-expression and exploration

·        Access to our nursery library, with books that children can take home for reading with parents and caregivers

·        Outdoor learning, including time spent outside and on days out


All of our learning opportunities follow a distinct child-led ethos, putting them in the driving seat of their own development.


What role does a nursery practitioner play in my child’s development?

Nursery practitioner is the formal term used to cover all onsite staff who work in a nursery setting. Here at My Ohana, we consider our team members to be extraordinary people, responsible for not only stimulating and engaging our children between the ages of three months and five years but also ensuring their safety at all times.

As part of our comprehensive security and safety policy, parents are asked to inform us of any changes to their routine which could impact drop-off and pick-up time and are urged to familiarise themselves with our safeguarding and visitor policies – all available on our website. Understanding these policies and how the nursery responds to different situations will help you understand the background role of each team member, bridging everyday safety with excitement for the children in our care.

Is nursery right for my child?

Every little one is different and has different needs – something which we not only recognise but celebrate here at My Ohana, through our child-led, creative approach to education, development, and learning. We understand that a nursery setting might not be suitable for every child, but if you do decide to place your child in our nursery, we know that you will feel confident and happy in your choice thanks to our fantastic environment and extraordinary colleagues.

Operating under the highest standards of care, every day at a My Ohana nursery is centred around nurturing each child’s ‘wholebeing’ – inviting them to explore their mind, body, and world under our flexible and diverse curriculum of activities and opportunities. To learn more about this, and to discuss placement at one of our UK nurseries, get in touch with us directly.


We’ve been shortlisted for ‘Nursery Group Under 10 Settings’ in the National Day Nursery Awards 2022

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