Building Strong Foundations: The Lifelong Benefits of Nursery Education

The friends you make at nursery can become friends for life. At least, isn’t that the hope we all have for our children, as we wave them into their early years of learning at the local nursery?

Published on November 29, 2023

Nursery is packed full of benefits - not just forging friendships but opening young peoples’ eyes to learning, curiosity, and personal development. 

But in order to really recognise the benefits of time spent at nursery for young people, you first need to understand that education is just one part of the daily routine and overall experience. 

For us at My Ohana, nursery is as much about socialising and developing other core life skills as it is about laying groundwork for the formal education system. 

Here are just some of the benefits that we see transferred from nursery into the school system, nurturing children into sucessful, can-do adults!

1. The development of social and emotional skills

This is unarguably one of the most important benefits of time spent at nursery, regardless of whether a child is coming from a single-child family or from time spent with siblings and other family members.

Social skills may not be considered a classroom learning goal under the education system, but they form the backbone of interactions which take place from nursery right up to the workplace in one, two, and even three decades’ time. What’s more, it’s a combination of social and emotional skills which enable young children to build connections and develop relationships with those around them, something which is key to their overall wellbeing and personal enrichment.

These skills are formed through the blend of a nurturing and supportive environment, and the chance for children to make decisions which impact their daily routine at nursery. Under a child-led system, we work to ensure that a portion of the nursery day is determined by the actions of our little ones and the activities that they want to partake in. Yes, sometimes it gets messy – but it’s well worth it!

2. Building their communication skills

Communication is very much a lifelong skill which is constantly being developed and expanded, as we learn new terms and expressions, familiarise ourselves with new communication platforms, and become introduced to new ways of thinking every day.

Building a positive and healthy relationship with communication starts at nursery, where we encourage young people to express themselves through words and actions. A blend of education and play at nursery helps to expand children’s exposure to different ways of communicating with each other – laying the foundation for future success.

3. Preparing them (and you) for school

One of the biggest benefits of attending nursery prior to starting school is the opportunity to establish a routine away from home. Children who attend nursery find it much easier to settle into the school routine as they are already accustomed to spending time away from parents and away from their home. They also benefit from exposure to learning in a multitude of ways, as well as early access to some life skills including sharing, negotiating, communicating, and even sympathising with others.

What’s more, for parents, selecting a nursery for your child and taking them there a couple of times a week is excellent practice for the inevitable first day of school. We’re not saying it makes parting with your child on that first day of school any easier, but it certainly helps you and your child adjust to the new routine!

4. Enriching their brain as early as possible

There are endless studies out there which suggest that early brain engagement and learning helps to promote cognitive abilities and the formation of neural connections deep within the brain. In short, it is believed that introducing your child to education in its various streams through a nursery setting from a young age, can put their brain in the best possible stead for ongoing learning as they head to school and beyond.

5. Introducing them to skills which bridge lifestyle with learning

It’s not all books and classroom skills, even once your child has enrolled at school. In fact, areas such as health and fitness, nutrition, and other lifelong skills can all be formed early – provided you choose the right nursery which prioritises such lessons and continue to drive these lessons home as they start school.

At My Ohana, a healthy lifestyle forms an integral part of each day’s routine and activity plan, integrating nutrition and fitness into the day through healthy snacks, engaging activities, and plenty of time spent outside. We believe that by introducing these concepts early and making a healthy lifestyle normal for young children, we enable them to build habits which stick around well beyond the start of their school career.

Finding the right nursery for your child

Every nursery has its own priorities and focus points. Here at My Ohana, our main priority is on preparing children for the school years and beyond, by combining life skills building with learning, communication, and play.

We believe that the biggest benefit of nursery education lies in preparing children for school – while also allowing them to be kids and develop their own interests and skills through play and experience.

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