Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Nursery

Whenever we’re asked what makes a My Ohana nursery different from other nurseries, our answer is always the same; our people, and the attention to detail that our team of extraordinary individuals put into making every day special.

Published on August 7, 2023

We recognise that to make a nursery an educational and engaging yet exciting and energetic place, we have to build a foundation of trust with parents and a strong connection with the children. This is what makes My Ohana stand out.

Working directly with parents enables us to provide the very best care to every child, personalising the experience for you and for them so that they get the most they can out of their time spent with us.

From taking the time to catch up with parents at drop-off and pick-up, to using the ParentZone app, our childcare extraordinaires are always on hand to support your child’s well-being – something that we know is important to our parents.

In essence, we are committed to benefitting each child’s personal development every single day. We appreciate that every child is unique, and that their experiences from early years contribute to their ‘whole-being’ as well as hobbies and interests that help set them up for big school and beyond. Nursery is an incredibly sociable place that is full of opportunities, and our role is to help little ones find their place and feel confident in who they are.

If you’re a parent looking for the right nursery for your child, here are some factors to consider.

Ofsted inspections and results

Choosing a nursery tends to be a two-pronged experience for parents, as they look to bridge the best choice on paper with the best experience and feeling they get while visiting a nursery.

Ofsted inspections and reports can provide insight into the behind the scenes management and operational structure of a nursery. It also checks the regulations of your prospective nursery and provides some more information on how they are run, making it easy for parents to veto any that don’t meet their standards. All of our nursery’s Ofsted reports are available for viewing on their individual pages within our website.

Nursery values

This is a big one for us at My Ohana, as we believe that all children and onsite staff are valuable to the overall experience. Our childcare extraordinaires are integral in building up the confidence and resilience of our little ones.

With our vision firmly centred around the idea that individuality matters and that creative solutions are always welcome, we revel in our close relationship with the families of all our children.

When looking for the right nursery for you and your child, it’s important to find one which bases everyday experiences around values which match your own. Children thrive when they are able to enjoy consistent and supportive experiences and environments, with our job (and that of any other nursery) being to provide an extension of the support they receive at home.

Safety and security

Safety and security ties into every aspect of the nursery from an operational standpoint. A  nursery must always have enough staff on hand to provide adequate care for the children, and risk assessments must been done to ensure that every environment has been deemed safe.

Some other potential considerations to look into include the provision of medical care if and when it is needed, how comprehensive the safeguarding policy is, and how any prospective nursery deals with emergencies.

Generally, the more transparent a nursery is regarding their safety and security policies, the better. 

Cost and your budget

Here at My Ohana, we strongly believe in the value of consistency for children especially at the crucial nursery age where they are learning and developing so much. Ensuring that you have the budget for regular sessions is key in supporting them and their stability.

You may find that nurseries are open to discuss fees and their costing structure, and that a conversation can help to iron out any concerns you may have. Our team is more than happy to discuss specific circumstances to find the best solutions for you and your child, with all of our nurseries operating under different fee structures and costs which are available to view on our website.

How will you know if a nursery is right for your child?

Last but not least, we strongly advise parents and families to visit prospective nurseries and get a feel for the environment. Everything from the people who your child will be interacting with, to the layout of the space and the facilities available can impact their development and relationship with their nursery. It’s crucial to find the right fit for you and your little one.

Every child is different and brings their own unique ideas and personality to a nursery setting. To us, that’s magic – and is what makes every day so different, so exciting, and so immersive for our brilliant children and our extraordinary team members.

They say that when you know you know – so if My Ohana feels like the right fit for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch and book a visit to one of our nurseries!


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