How Nursery Shapes Early Childhood Development

The first day at nursery is like opening the door to a new world for young people.

Published on September 22, 2023

Not only does it invite them to experience a new environment, but it encourages them to identify their place among a new family of individuals, all with their own personalities, ideas, and opinions.

As a preparatory setting for those a year or two away from school age, nursery is an opportunity to get used to the concept of learning and development early – framing new experiences and learnings in playful and creative ventures and activities.

One of the areas that prospective parents are most interested in is how we create a setting of development and learning alongside play, and how we use the nursery experience to build the foundations of strong, resilient young people who are ready for school. And that’s exactly what this blog is all about.

The benefits of nursery for young children

A great nursery connects the mind and body in all areas – from more structured and formal lessons to life skills and the development of healthy habits. This is something we are passionate about at My Ohana. We encourage children to become part of our family, while also embracing what makes them unique. One of the main benefits of nursery is the way that we help children at a young age to appreciate both their own independence and that of their peers – while also helping them to find their place within a wider group.

Through a balanced blend of learning, education, play, and relaxation, nursery is an opportunity to develop social skills and learn transferable life skills – all in a setting which parents know is safe and secure for their child.

We make learning fun and engaging, sending your child off into a school setting with an early and established appreciation for education and socialisation.

How we blend childhood development into a fun, engaging experience

For us, childhood development is all about finding ways of uniting learning with play. When children feel engaged and excited by an activity, they are more likely to get involved and learn from it.

This is where our creative curriculum and child-led ethos becomes so important. By empowering the children in our care to take control over the activities they do, we also nurture confidence in them to make decisions and to shape the structure of their own learning. All of this is crucial for sustainable development which continues to engage them in the things they want to do and the areas they need to develop and learn more about.

The importance of our child-led ethos

When we talk about operating a largely child-led curriculum, we mean that the activities we do combine set structures with decisions that we allow the children themselves to make and consider. Often this includes elements of discussion and negotiation, all skills which we believe are important for children to learn at an early age and continue to develop throughout their time with us.

A lot of this is down to the extraordinary people that we are proud to call a part of the My Ohana family. Working with a wide range of experts, we recognise the value in professional childcare and education experience as well as a passion for developing creative methods for learning. By tapping into the skills of all our team members, every day at My Ohana is different. Our commitment to keeping a fresh approach ensures the children in our care remain engaged and excited.

We even embrace the power of development in parts of the nursery day that don’t necessarily require or involve learning. Creating and plating up snacks is one particular part of the day that lends itself to informal learning and development, by encouraging the children to get involved in creating healthy and well balanced snacks for them and their peers.

All of these examples and activities demonstrate how much of a typical nursery day can be made more intriguing and more engaging by integrating it alongside our commitment to childhood development.

But you don’t have to take our word for it…

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