Inside Nursery Life: Exploring Childcare Facilities, Staff and Curriculum

It’s a good day at nursery when the children all go home with a smile on their face, clutching something they have made, coloured, or drawn during the day. But it doesn’t end there.

Published on September 12, 2023

Alongside these tangible and physical signs of an enjoyable day, here at My Ohana we also aim to send children home each day with new skills and understanding, combining learning with play as part of an intuitive nursery curriculum.

So, what goes into achieving all of that?

Nursery life is something that we strive to vary each and every day, so that the children in our care are consistently engaged as well as safe and are interested in developing new skills as part of their learning. Using a combination of our staff skills and facilities and granting the children themselves control over the activities that they engage in, for the My Ohana team the curriculum varies on a daily basis.

And it’s this which makes nursery life at a My Ohana nursery so exciting for everyone involved.

The importance of our child-led curriculum

One of our goals as a nursery is to nurture resilient and curious children, who have the social skills that they need to thrive – no matter the path they choose to follow, the career they decide to build, and the opportunities they choose to embrace.

By putting a child-led emphasis on many of the activities and daily tasks within our nursery setting, children are empowered to make genuine decisions and practise the art of negotiating and prioritising their time as a group. Active listening is something that we encourage from a young age, so that our young people don’t just speak their own opinion but listen to that of others, while the importance of creativity ensures that even those activities that are built largely on education are still fun.

Our standards are high across the board

For us, one of the most important things about nursery life is granting parents the peace of mind of knowing that their child is both safe and happy onsite throughout the day. That’s why we offer the chance to check in on the ParentZone App, with regular updates uploaded as to how each child is progressing and what they have achieved, as well as opportunities to discuss the day with key workers as and when parents prefer.

The high standard of our nursery facilities are matched by the care and commitment of our childcare extraordinaires (the nursery team), whose role it is to keep children active and entertained throughout the day.

Managing the opinions, quirks, and personalities of multiple children at once is a skill that our team members have mastered – celebrating the individual personalities of every member of the nursery community. We are a family and strive to make sure that every child who joins us feels at home and has a place in that family from day one.

Creating positive experiences every day

Nursery presents an opportunity for young people to immerse themselves in social, educational, and personal developmental activities from an early age – setting them up for future growth and ensuring that they are engaged in decision making and other skills before they start school.

With an aim to set them up for a positive transition into the educational system, every activity on our curriculum bridges underlying lessons and skills development with opportunities to have fun. Whether it’s getting involved in preparing their own healthy snacks, playing team games outside, or inspiring cultural diversity through unique experiences, everything we do is tailored towards building strong and resilient minds.

Finding the right nursery for you

If you’re seeking a nursery setting which will offer complete support to your child as they grow, establishing positive connections between your family and ours – all while building both intellectual and life skills – My Ohana is perfect for you.

Contact your local My Ohana nursery to find out more about current availability and enrolment options. We can’t wait for you and your little one(s) to join our family!


We’ve been shortlisted for ‘Nursery Group Under 10 Settings’ in the National Day Nursery Awards 2022

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