Strengthening Parent-Teacher Partnerships in Nursery Education

Nursery may be all about engaging children and finding ways to bridge learning with play, but it’s the parents who want to know how it’s done and what happens on a day-to-day basis.

Published on March 29, 2024

How often has your child come home from nursery with seemingly no idea what they did that day? Sometimes the day was simply not memorable for them. Children are more likely to recall the details of their day if the activities are engaging enough for them. A good partnership between parents and educators lays a significant role in ensuring that your children have a positive experience at nursery. 

Here at My Ohana, we are much more than just teachers. We recognise that as a family we are responsible for keeping children both safe and engaged. Getting to know each child personally is important. This not only enables each child to receive tailored support when they need it but grants parents the benefit of knowing their child is being properly nurtured. 

Regardless of what we call them and the role they hold in the nursery, the connection between teacher and parent is what makes your life easier every time you drop your child off at nursery.

Why is it important to nurture a good parent-teacher partnership?

You should know if your child is unwell during the nursery day, struggling with something, or seeing high levels of success in certain development areas and subjects 

A good partnership between the nursery and the parents is what facilitates everyday updates, but it goes much further. 

If we want our children to succeed, a good partnership between parent and teacher is fundamental to ensure consistent learning, support, and overall success. Ideally, we want all children to return home from nursery and not only talk about their day with a parent but also continue their learning and development with the support of a parent. 

This could be practising something they learnt at nursery, promoting behavioural techniques learnt at nursery, reading out loud, and other learnings.

How do we promote good communication between parents and teachers?

At My Ohana, we establish a strong bond with all parents by first inviting parents to visit the nursery together with their children. Parents are free to pop in during pick-up and drop-off when they want to chat. 

We conduct regular 1:1 session between parents and our extraordinary teachers and team members every term. All parents are invited to become a part of our ParentZone system. 

ParentZone is our daily go-to for updates on everything you might need to know about your child’s day at nursery. It covers their eating habits, sleep routine, activities enjoyed, and how well they have interacted and engaged with other children on any given day. 

What all of these touchpoints do is deliver a comprehensive overview of your child’s day, so that you can discover more about what they do at nursery. Uncover the different ways of promoting and supporting their learning and development from home.

The power of cohesive development between nursery and home

We strongly believe that when children receive the same energy and support at home as they do at nursery, they perform better overall. 

Preparing children for school is a core principle at My Ohana. As we look to develop the mindset of children from both an emotional and intellectual standpoint, we work to enrich their learning through play and experiences. 

Together we can support your child’s growth and development.  

To find out more about signing your child up to join a My Ohana nursery, get in touch with us directly.


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