Do you have an DE&I policy?

Yes.  Our aim to provide for all children irrespective of their race, gender, cultural beliefs and ability to help them be their best.  We are very inclusive and work with you to understand your child’s specific needs to ensure that they feel included and supported.  

We celebrate cultural diversity and actively promote positive images and positive role models to the children. We are aware, and have respect for cultural or religious sensitivities related to aspects of intimate care. All of our colleagues know how to care for children in intimate situations such as toileting and show respect for every child. Where possible your child will be encouraged to undertake as much of the procedure for themselves. 

All children are treated as individuals, appropriate to their age and stage of development.

How do you manage additional needs?

We work closely with you to ensure we can provide the right environment for your child.  Depending on your chosen setting our manager will work with you and guide you through our procedure.

We ask you to share information so we can ensure your child’s care plan enables us to provide a safe environment and the best and right support and care for your child.

In our nurseries we have a named Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) who will support you and your child and devise an Individual Education Plan too, whilst also liaising with professionals or agencies beyond the nursery.

How do you manage medication?

In our full day care settings we will give medication to a child if they have a long-term medical condition, or if they are completing prescribed medication but are well in themselves.

With all medication the first dose must have been administered at home at least 24 hours before entering care.

Our setting manager will provide you with a medication form and take you through our procedure on accepting, administering and storing your child’s medication.

If your child requires lifesaving medication please speak to our setting manager, so we can fully understand your child’s condition and who will take you through the steps we undertake before accepting your child into care. 

When dealing with medication of any kind, strict guidelines will be followed and only those trained in First Aid will administer medications.  All medication must be provided in the original packaging and must be prescribe to the child in question. Please note that should your child be prescribed an inhaler and spacer pump, both will be required to be left at every visit. We also follow NHS guidelines with regards to the expiry dates of epi-pens. 

Do you administer non prescribed medication?

In our nursery settings we would administer medication to relieve a fever above 38˚C as a febrile convulsion is more likely in a child under 5 years.

You would be contacted before the medication is given and we would ask that you collect your child from the setting as soon as possible.

Why do your team wear different coloured uniform?

Our team get to choose one of our team colours to wear because we accept and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of our team.  It has nothing to do with job role, simply preference.  You spend a lot of hours wearing it so you should enjoy it!  

We’ve been shortlisted for ‘Nursery Group Under 10 Settings’ in the National Day Nursery Awards 2022

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