What’s your admissions policy?

To provide the best care for your child we require a registration and consent form to be completed.  We ask that all parents notify us if any circumstances change.  This policy works in conjunction with our diversity, equality and inclusion policy and should be read together.

All information shared is confidential an only shared with those directly caring for your child, except where there are concerns for a child’s safety and welfare. In this instance, information may be shared with authorities in accordance with the Local Regulatory Body guidance.

What is your settling process?

We offer settling in sessions for all children joining us, to ensure your child grows in confidence and adjusts to their new surroundings, and you feel happy when leaving them.  Our setting manager will agree the best settling in process for you and your child, as each family is different.  In our nurseries, your child will meet their key worker during all settling in sessions to start to build their bond and become familiar with one another.  During these sessions we will discuss routines, need and interests to ensure we provide the right care for your child.


We ask that you bring your child’s nappies to nursery if you have a preferential brand.  In all other settings nappies must be bought.  We ask that you bring them in a small labelled bag, along with your preference of wipes, or cream and cotton wool.

We ask that your child arrives to care in a clean and dry nappy and if you are toilet training please bring spare clothes.

Sun cream...

We ask during warmer weather that children come with sun cream applied and if they are staying with us for a duration where more will need to be applied, we ask that you supply suitable lotion in a labelled bottle and provide consent for further application on your child’s registration form.

In addition to sun cream we also ask that children are provided with a sun hat and wear suitable cool clothing.

Milk for babies…

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