Frequently asked questions
Working with Parents

We have a number of policies to ensure we provide the very best for your children. The most frequently asked are below and full policies and procedures are available at all times. Please ask your setting manager or give us a call if you can’t find the answer here.

How do you work with parents?

To provide the very best care for your child, it’s a must that we work in partnership with you.  We like to get to know you and your child and we do this in a number of ways.  To find out what data we collect, why we collect it, and how we communicate with you to build the best outcome for your child, please click the settings you’re looking to attend.


Initially we collect data about your family through our registration process, this is shared with your child’s keyworker so they are able to provide the best care possible for your child.  We use ParentZone which is an app enabling us to share your child’s experiences as they happen throughout the day.  We will share daily toileting, eating and sleep routines, as well as observational content in either written and photographic form to enable you to get a snapshot of their day.  On a termly basis your Keyworker will invite you in for a 1:1 session to give you an update on your child’s progress and give you the opportunity to speak freely.  Of course, you’ll see your child’s Keyworker or someone from your child’s room on drop off and collection so feel free to speak us at any time, our door is always open to our parents.


Initially we collect data about your family through our registration process, this is shared with your onsite team to ensure we provide the best care possible for your child.  We share your child’s toileting, eating and sleep pattern on collection, as well as verbally give you an insight into their session; the children often leave with their hands full of beautiful creative pieces, especially for you.

We run coffee and get to know you sessions throughout the year and these are advertised within the club.  Ask our team when the next one is and we look forward to meeting you.

What do I do if I have concerns?

We want you and your child to be happy and would ask that if you have a query, or concerns or cause for complaint of any nature, please speak to the setting manager in the first instance, as often matters can be worked through.  If however a matter is not resolved, please contact our Operations Director. (can the address and details drop down if they click on here?)

We have an open-door policy and like to be clear, honest and transparent in our communication. 

If a complaint is made, it is our procedure to record the complaint and notify the you of any outcomes within 48 hours if possible. For complaints that need further investigation, we commit to responding within 28 days.  If at this stage you are still unhappy with the outcome, complaints may also be escalated to Osfted the  Regulatory Body.


Operations Director

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Regulatory Body – England

The National Complaints Team

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Tel: 0300 123 4666


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