Building Effective Nursery-Parent Communication for Positive Child Development

The My Ohana ethos means that much of the nursery routine and curriculum is centred around a child-led approach, putting young people at the heart of every activity and enabling children to develop at their own pace.

Published on July 24, 2023

Above all, we pride ourselves on offering an engaging and immersive experience, becoming an extension of family life for all our little ones.  

However, in order for this to be truly effective, it’s important for us to retain consistent and open lines of communication with parents. Keep reading to learn more about how we achieve this and how, as a parent, you can become involved in your child’s development both at home and in the nursery setting.

The importance of good nursery-parent communication

In order to facilitate nursery care which fits around and compliments your child’s everyday life, it’s important for us to get to know both your child and you as a parent. By understanding your priorities and what you need from your child’s nursery setting, we can ensure that all children are safely cared for and stimulated – giving you the peace of mind to go about your daily routine.

Another reason why good communication between a child’s nursery and home setting is important lies in the consistency of your child’s learning and development. The better the communication between nursery and parents, the easier it is for children to access consistent support, both in areas that interest them and in areas that they may find challenging.

The benefits of nursery-parent communication for child development

Here at My Ohana, we build our curriculum around the children in our care and offer a flexible schedule which covers both learning and play through a series of activities designed to nurture each little one’s ‘wholebeing’.

What this means for you as a parent is that every day that your child spends at nursery, they are finding new and creative ways of expressing themselves – resulting in the constant development of both education-based and life skills. And thanks to our transparent and high level of parent-nursery communication, it’s possible for you to not only recognise and acknowledge these lessons and developments but to also continue to build on them at home.

When the communication between nursery and home is effective and consistent, children are far more likely to retain the skills learned during the day. In addition, seeing a direct connection between their home life and time at nursery can make them feel safer and more supported in both environments, further enhancing their development by allowing them to remain open to more information and enhanced learning.

Our approach to nursery-parent connection

We provide parents with several touchpoints in which to stay connected through the nursery day. ParentZone is an app which families are encouraged to download and access throughout the day, with My Ohana nursery workers regularly sharing children’s experiences from mealtimes and toilet routines to sleep and interactions. In addition, all parents are invited to termly 1:1 sessions with their child’s key workers to establish progress and discuss any concerns or goals. Plus, the My Ohana door is always open to regular drop-ins and conversations as required throughout the term!

All of these touchpoints make it easy for our parents to stay connected with their child on their terms, keeping up to date with development which can be complemented through activities and learning outside of nursery. We find that the more cohesive a child’s routine during nursery and at-home days, the more effective their overall learning and development – and the easier they find it to adjust as they grow.

To learn more about sending your child to a My Ohana nursery, head to our website or why not reach out to us directly to discuss.


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