How We Recruit High-Quality Early Years Staff: 7 Nursery Recruitment Techniques Used by My Ohana

Whether you’re a parent, an early years practitioner, or a prospective candidate for one of our extraordinary people vacancies, it’s important that you understand what makes the My Ohana team different.

Published on June 13, 2024

Recruitment offers an opportunity for us to grow our team and expand the My Ohana family – building on the experience that children get through varied skill sets, knowledge, and interests. This is because on top of the standard curriculum, we believe in showcasing the unique skills of our team and unpacking the interests of our children.

Every day at a My Ohana nursery is different thanks to the people that are involved in the routine – be it via a child-led afternoon of activities, or an early education session run by a member of our team.

With all that in mind, what are the attributes we look for in our nursery staff, and what tips do we have for budding My Ohana professionals?

1. Great communication

One of the most important attributes of a good childcare professional is an ability to communicate on all levels – speaking with parents, colleagues, suppliers, and of course the children with a consistent level of respect and understanding.

Just one aspect of this is being able to adjust tone and delivery according to different audiences. We recognise the role that our team members have in shaping the growth and communication development of children, which is why it forms such an important part of our recruitment process.

2. Committed to professional development

Professional development is something that we are proud to offer at My Ohana, with training opportunities that enable our team members to grow and become well-rounded childcare practitioners.

With an internal structure that operates on an upside down basis, and colleagues supported by direct line managers who are then in turn supported by a central support team, we believe in working with individuals that value their own growth and development. It inspires us, it inspires our children, and we believe it makes our team stronger!

3. Loyalty in previous roles

There’s a lot to be said for an individual who shows loyalty in previous roles. If someone has stayed with previous employers for a respectable amount of time, then we can ascertain a level of commitment which can make them a good candidate for one of our roles.

Consistency doesn’t just benefit us; it also benefits the children and families who trust us and who like to get to know the practitioners in charge of their child’s welfare and development.

4. Good references

Alongside a good CV and demonstrating loyalty and commitment in previous roles, good references are a must in the childcare industry. If candidates can show that they are willing to work in a team and pull their weight, with positive references to back these claims, then they are often a valued candidate in the eyes of other team members and our wider community.

5. Able to bridge education and play

This is critical at My Ohana, because it forms an underlying part of our work with each and every child. As well as embracing the individuality of each child and giving each child a voice and the space to find their own interests, we are incredibly committed to delivering early education opportunities alongside play.

It is only by combining these two focus points that we succeed in making early education so engaging and memorable, with the team always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to bridge learning with playtime.

6. Qualifications

Having the right level of childcare experience and qualifications is important, especially with the My Ohana teams being so small and selective.Having said that, we do take on unqualified candidates who have an underlying passion for childcare, to help them progress their career, keeping our doors open to extraordinary people from all walks of life. 

Operating under our upside down approach, we give our teams the space to develop their own philosophies while following our vision – with the child-led sessions and ever-changing nursery itinerary meaning that sufficient experience is a must.

7. Inspirational!

Finally, we love working with childcare professionals who are committed to inspiring as well as educating and informing. When we inspire children, we connect them with broader experiences in a way that cannot be taught – whether that’s introducing them to a new hobby or supporting a growing interest.

If you’re interested in applying to become a practitioner with My Ohana, or you’re a parent seeking more information about our team and who your child will be looked after by, you can get in touch with us directly for more information.


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